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Happy Emerald Rollerball Pen

Sale price$90,000.00


The One-of-One Emerald Pen is an exceptional masterpiece, epitomizing unmatched luxury and sophistication. Boasting 1266 impeccably cut natural green emeralds, totaling 13.500 carats, this pen goes beyond mere utility to become a symbol of enduring beauty and strength.

Green natural emeralds are not just breathtaking gems; they symbolize rebirth, renewal, and the vibrancy of life. Their rich green color reflects vitality and growth, rejuvenating the spirit. These gemstones are renowned for their healing properties, offering emotional and physical well-being. Historically, emeralds have been a part of royal adornments, signifying power, wealth, and prestige. Their value goes beyond the monetary; emeralds are treasured for their mesmerizing elegance and natural beauty, representing not just a precious stone but a testament to nature's exquisite artistry.


This is a one-of-one edition, making the One-of-One Emerald Pen a unique and unparalleled collector's item.


1266 natural green emeralds, perfectly cut, with a total weight of 13.500 carats, 18k yellow gold.

Happy Emerald Rollerball Pen
Happy Emerald Rollerball Pen Sale price$90,000.00